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Why Charming Travel Destinations?

Customize Destination Weddings

Experts in Travel:

Charming Travel Destinations has been planning tours and events around
the world for over 25 years.


Every client, traveler, and event
is special to us. We are dedicated
to making sure that every couples’
needs are satisfied and that every
wedding receives a special celebration.

Exclusive Deals and Rates:

With our unparalleled network,
Charming Travel Destinations can
offer the best services at the best prices.
We also offer competitive group rates
so that family and friends can come
bless and celebrate your big day.


Every Charming Travel Destinations 
client is a member of our community. 
As a part of our community, you can 
receive rewards for traveling with us. 
Get rewarded for letting us plan your
destination wedding and use these 
rewards for your future travels with us.