Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico Travel Guide

Mexico is truly a destination that offers something for everyone. Filled with resorts, nature, parties, food and historical sites, there is no time to waste when you are in Mexico. Whether you are discovering history in Mesoamerican ruins or relaxing by the beach, traveling to Mexico will not only be a wonderful vacation but a “Fiesta”!


There is a reason why Mexican food is so popular in the United States. It is just that good, and the authentic foods in Mexico are just that much more delicious.

The prevalence of “Mexican” food in the U.S. might have people think that they know about Mexican food, but the combination of flavor and spices in Mexico will win over your taste buds.

Mexican food uses beans, tortillas, corn and chilies. They have a variety of meat that’s more than the usual beef (asada) or pork (pastor) including buche, cabeza, barbacoa, carnitas, barbacoa, chorizo, suadero and more. The types of salsas they use are just as diverse including pico de gallo, salsa verde, habanero, mango salsa and plenty more.

  • Tacos- You definitely cannot talk about Mexican food without talking about tacos. There are so many variations. You can have your tacos with the regular asada or with pastor and pineapples.

They are usually served with a tortilla (soft or hard), meat, cheese, onions, cilantro and salsa. Tacos are always a great choice whether you want a snack or a satisfying meal. If you want something bigger with more fillings like rice, you can try a burrito which is another popular dish.

  • Tamales- Another popular dish, tamales are corn cakes cooked in corn husks. The masa or corn dough can be mixed with vegetables, meat, cheese, chili and various seasonings.
  • Mole- Similar to a Mexican curry, moles are family of sauces that consist of various ingredients like chili peppers, almonds or cloves that are grounded and slow cooked to create a thick texture. It is usually served with other dishes like rice and chicken. A unique mole to try is the brown chili-chocolate mole recognized for its sweet and spicy flavor.
  • Arroz con Leche- Mexican dishes are also notable for their desserts. Mexican desserts include flan, tres leches cakes and the beloved churros. Mix their dessert excellence with their love of rice, you have arroz con leche. Although this dish is not exclusive to Mexico, this dish is still widely loved throughout the country. Arroz con leche is rice pudding with milk and cinnamon. It is simple yet extremely satisfying because its basically an horchata pudding.

Famous Attractions

Mexico is a country with long and diverse history and culture. Mexico not only hosts some of the oldest Mesoamerican historical sites but some of the most beautiful architecture as a result of their religious background. Visitors are sure to discover glimpses of history and tradition throughout the country.

  • National Palace- The colonial structure served as a palace for rulers since the Aztec empire. The structure is currently home to offices of the president and Federal Treasury. The palace is important not just for its political and historical significance. The palace is also where renowned painter Diego Rivera painted nine murals. The nine murals illustrate the Mexican civilization from the serpent godQuetzalcóatl to the post-revolutionary period.
  • Cathedral Metropolitana- This monumental structure is one of Mexico’s architectural icons. The building is 109m long, 59m wide, and 65m tall. This is also Latin America’s biggest and oldest cathedral. The building was built throughout the entire colonial period; therefore, the building demonstrates a variety of styles over the years. The cathedral also houses many prized and treasured artworks from the colonial era.
  • Xochimilco- Xochimilco means “Place of Flowers” and it is famous for the floating gardens. The Aztecs built canals and “floating gardens” to grow crops to feed the population. Now these chinampas, as they are called, grow a variety of plants and flowers. Visitors can explore the canals and riverveds on colorful boats. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xochimilco has plenty of history to be discovered
  • Piramides del Sol y de la Luna, “Pyramid of Sun and the Moon”- The Pyramid of the Sun is the world’s third-largest The ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacán built this pyramid to worship the sun god. The Pyramid of the Moon is not as big as the Sun’s but it is just as awe-inspiring. It is believed that its raised platforms were used for rituals that can be publicly witnessed.


From Cancun to Mexico City, Mexico loves parties, music and entertainment. Its nightlife caters to all needs. As a mega-metropolis, Mexico City is filled with bars and clubs. Visitors can experience Mexico’s love for music and dancing during the night. You can find all sorts of music like jazz, reggaeton, salsa or EDM in clubs and bars. Many restaurants also feature live music like jazz and mariachi bands. As the home of margaritas and tequila, Mexico also offers great drinks all throughout the country.

Although there is a lot fun involved at night, visitors should also carefully consider crime in Mexico. Visitors should be wise and cautious about being out at night.


Pesos are the official currency in Mexico. Few businesses accept dollars so expect to pay in pesos during your trip. Travelers can use major credit cards in ATMs in international airports to get pesos.