Top Reasons to Attend a Travel Show

Reasons to Attend a Travel Show
Reasons to Attend a Travel Show

Throughout the year, many travel shows are held across the nation to bring together multiple destinations and cultures into one convention. From the best deals to inspirational conversations, there are many reasons to attend a travel show.

Find Inspiration for your Next Trip

Travel Shows are filled with tourism boards from multiple destinations. The tourism board booths usually have staff that are native to the country that are more than happy to discuss the destination with visitors.

The Travel & Adventure Show, the biggest of its kind, also has a 4 different theaters that are filled with guest speakers. The Travel Theater features celebrity travelers like Samantha Brown and Patricia Shcultz.  Destination Theater offers tips and in-depth information about different destinations. The Savvy Traveler Theater provides useful tips, tricks and advice from experts. Finally, the Taste of Traveler Theater is probably the best part because it includes local cuisines prepared by multiple chefs.

Discover Major and Exclusive Deals

The show is also filled with travel, hotel and airline companies offering irresistible packages. Most of these deals are not only have competitive rates but are also exclusive to the event. Many attendees can walk around and find the tour of their dreams and compare prices throughout the show.

Win Free Prizes

The biggest travel show would not be as big if it did not offer its attendees tangible benefits. Many booths offer free giveaways including tour packages, flights, cruises and hotel stays. If you do not win, you can always go home with at least a few free goodies.

Learn More about Traveling

The Travel Show is not just for travel enthusiasts or experts. Beginner travelers or anyone with questions are more than welcome to attend.

From questions about food to flight distance, many visitors come with questions about different cultures and destinations. What better way to learn about the world than in a room full of different cultures and experts?

From the hottest destinations to the most innovative travel apps, the show is also a place to experience the latest trends in the travel industry as well.

Be Entertained

Not only is the show educational but it is also entertaining. The event showcases a Global Beats Stage, where visitors can see cultural performances from around the world.

Shows like the Denver Show include a Segway and camel ride experience, and the Los Angeles Show annually presents a scuba diving and camel ride experience as well.

If you are in Denver on March 24-25, you can find Charming Travel Destinations at the Travel & Adventure Show in the Colorado Convention Center.

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