Top Malaysian Foods to Try

Top Malaysian Foods to Try

Malaysia is one of the most underrated destinations when it comes to their food. In addition to other renowned culinary destinations like Vietnam and Thailand, Malaysia offers its visitors a wide arrange of flavors. With the country’s multicultural background, Malaysians harmoniously use recipes and influences from China, India, Singapore and other parts of Asia to create their gastronomic treasures. Here are some of the top Malay foods to try.

Banana Leaf Rice– One of Malaysia’s staple foods is their banana leaf rice, which white rice served on a banana leaf. The rice can be served with vegetables, curry gravy, curried meat or pickles. Be cautious when you eat it because these dishes can get very messy as Malaysians traditionally eat the dish with their hands.

The banana leaf not only adds in nutrients it adds a pleasant aroma to the food.

Satay– Although this dish can be found in other parts of Asia, Malaysians are especially proud of their satay, grilled skewered meat. The meat is marinated in local spices and you can choose to either enjoy the meat or dip it into a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.

Nasi Lemak- Possibly Malaysia’s national dish, nasi lemak is rice steamed with coconut milk and pandan leaves. It is often served with other dishes including eggs, peanuts, vegetables, or a choice of meat.

Roti John– The Roti John is an omelet sandwich. Interestingly, the name of this dish is the combination of “Roti” meaning bread and the name “John”, depicting a Western influence. Although there many different variations, it remains a popular snack food in Malaysia.

Rotia Canai– It’s a common breakfast meal and it is a flatbread that is twirled and grilled. The bread is served in curry and dhai. There are also many varieties that include multiple fillings like eggs or bananas.

Rendang– Commonly mistaken as curry, coconut milk and spices are slowly simmered until the liquid evaporates and meat absorbs the spices. Rendang is served with different meats like beef, chicken, or lamb.

Bak Kut Teh –This dish is an extremely popular dish in Malaysia. Basically translated as Pork Rib Tea, the dish is pork rib served in warm broth. The soup’s rich flavor and warmness makes it one of Malaysia’s top dishes. Filled with Chinese herbs and vegetables, the broth is packed in with body nourishing nutrients as well.

To try out some of the best dishes Malaysia has to offer, check out our Malaysia Culinary Adventure where you can not only try but also learn to cook some of these dishes.