Top Japanese Foods that are not Sushi or Ramen

Japanese FoodWhen people think about Japanese food, sushi or ramen is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. While these dishes are unarguably delicious, Japanese cuisine boasts in a variety of mouthwatering dishes that a lot of people still do not know about. Here is a list of the top Japanese foods that are not sushi or ramen.

Shabu Shabu

Japanese Food Shabu ShabuShabu Shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish with thinly sliced beef and vegetables in boiling broth. The slices are cooked in the broth and eaten a few at a time.

Hotpots are probably one of the most trending Asian dishes right now and so is shabu shabu.

The hotpot does not always come with beef as many variations also include different meats or different beef parts. For additional prices, some restaurants also serve the beloved wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is the term for a Japanese cow. The beef is known for its high levels of unsaturated fat, marbling and great quality.

Other ingredients include tofu, shiitake mushrooms, udon noodles and various vegetables.

Japanese Food TonkatsuOnce all the meat and vegetables have been eaten, the leftover broth is combined with rice to create a delicious soup.

Tonkatsu is deep-fried pork cutlet. The dish was created during the late 19th century when Japan became open to Western influence. Tonkatsu is usually served with rice and side dishes.

CurryJapanese Food Curry

After the Europeans imported curry from India, they brought it over to Japan. Japan adapted the dish to their own taste. There are many versions of curry including curry tonkatsu and instant curry. It is known for being sweet with a little bit of spice and served on top of white rice. 


Japanese Food TakoyakiCrispy on the outside and deliciously chewy inside, fried takoyakis are truly one of Japan’s most beloved snacks. Takoyakis are battered octopus balls. The crispy outside leads into a center filled with octopus, scallions and pickled ginger.

Osaka is especially popular for their takoyakis. These dishes are mostly served in streets as well as festivals.


Japanese Food SobaSoba noodles are buckwheat noodles. Many eat the noodles cold with a dipping sauce. The cold noodles make it the perfect dish on a hot summer day. There are many other variations with soba noodles including eating the noodles in hot broth.

Soba noodles are popular for their health benefits including protection against heart disease. Buckwheat noodles also contain manganese, protein and less calories.  

These dishes are only some of the countless dishes in Japan that will delight your taste buds. Different regions in Japan have their own specialty and unique taste. Whether its sushi or another flavorful dish, Japan’s incredibly diverse cuisine will surely make you want to come back for more.  

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