Top and Emerging Wedding Destinations

Wedding Destinations
Top Wedding Destinations

A wedding is probably one of the biggest days in someone’s life. It is a day filled with love, joy and blessings. Most people dream of their perfect wedding whether it is in a meaningful location or a dream destination.

According to research, 20% of weddings were destination weddings. Weddings were held in many overseas locations as well as U.S. ones. For your “happily ever after”, check out some of the best wedding destinations around the world.


Mexico Wedding DestinationsAlmost every list of top wedding destinations includes Mexico. Perhaps it is their incredible resorts, mesmerizing beaches, picture-perfect nature or charming cities that make many couples want to tie the knot in Mexico.

Because of its rainy season, it is best to avoid May through October in Mexico.


The first destination that pops up in most people’s minds when it comes to tropical environments and romance is probably Hawaii. With the consistently warm weather, stunning beaches and alluring landscapes, Hawaii creates perfect weddings.

As a U.S. state, legal marriages are also way easier than going through legalities in other countries.Wedding Destinations Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t just good for the couple, but the guests as well. Family and friends can join the couple on the luxury, relaxation and adventures that Hawaii has to offer.

If you want a luxurious resort, go to Maui. If you want a secluded spot with lush scenery, go to Kauai. The hardest thing to decide will probably be deciding which of the many islands to visit.


Dubai is an emerging wedding destination. United Arab Emirates boasts in luxurious hotels located in wonderful locations. Whether it is their beach or dessert, the wedding venues offer luxury, romance and an exotic atmosphere. Dubai is one the cleanest destinations with diverse cultures, incredible shopping and quality services.

Because of U.A.E.’s Muslim roots, non-Muslims and non-residents may not have legal marriages here. Symbolic marriages and celebrations are often preferred.

Have your wedding in Dubai during October to May for the perfect weather.


Wedding Destinations ThailandThailand is one of Asia’s top destinations. Incredible food, beauty, historical treasures and hospitality are just a few of the reasons that make it such a great country to visit.

From luxury resorts to small yet charming venues, Thailand is a perfect country in Asia to tie the knot. With the incredible food, entertainment and accommodations available in each region, every couple and their guests will have an unforgettable experience.

Cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Krabi all have their own unique charm that make each of them special.


Greece, in general, is a popular travel destination because of its rich history, art, nature and culture. Add in the spectacular views, gorgeous coastlines and the romantic atmosphere, and Greece is the perfect place for a wedding. Places like Santorini have become an icon for destination weddings.

The Greeks put in care and dedication to their food and that the dishes are delicious. Greece has plenty of food for every couple and guest to feast.

Live out “Mama Mia!” and immerse yourself in the charm of Greece, the perfect background to your wedding.


Croatia has not only been emerging as the top destination for travelers but for weddings as well.

Nothing exclaims mythical and magical more than Croatia. With beautiful cities like Dubrovnik, Croatia is filled with picture-perfect spots. Beautiful architectures, intimate towns, awe-inspiring scenery are just some of the reasons couples choose Croatia.

Enjoy your wedding and then your honeymoon. Croatia offers rich culture, buildings and landscapes that you cannot find anywhere else.

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