Top 7 Hong Kong Street Foods You Need to Try

Hong Kong Street Food
Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong is well-known as a street food heaven. Hong Kong street foods are not only unique and comforting but incredibly delicious. The smell of foods cooking, frying and baking roaming the streets of Hong Kong will make your mouth water. There are so many dishes to try and drool over that trying the food in itself is an adventure. Here is a list of the top 7 Hong Kong street foods.

Pineapple buns

Hong Kong Street FoodThese pastries actually do not have any pineapple in them. The pastry received its name because of the crusty pattern on top that resembles a pineapple. However, the buns are usually served with a slice of melted butter in the middle.

Simple yet delicious, the sweet bread will melt in your mouth.

Hong Kong Street FoodCheung Fun

Cheung Fun is basically rice noodle rolls and it is a crowd-favorite. Because it is made of rice noodles, the rolls are chewy and gooey giving its satisfying texture. The rolls are served with sweet sauce and peanut sauce with sesame seeds to add flavor.

Egg tarts

Hong Kong Street FoodThese pastries certainly look good and the sight of its bright yellow center is enough to lure you in. They not only look good but taste good as well. The feeling of the yellow custard and the flaky crusts will make you fall in love at the first bite.

The tarts came over from British colonial influence. Ever since, the pastry has been one of the most beloved snacks in the Hong Kong.

Curry Fish BallsHong Kong Street Food

Curry fish balls are representative Hong Kong street snacks. Fish balls are deep fried in oil and then boiled in spicy curry sauce.

These golden snacks on a skewer are so rich in flavor that its reign as most beloved street food is unquestionable. 

Fried Tentacles

Hong Kong Street Food SquidForeigners might find the sight of a pile of huge tentacles strange, but it is another traditional food in the streets of Hong Kong. Squids and octopuses are first boiled in water then roasted or fried. These tentacles can be served with a variety of sauces ranging from teriyaki to hot sauce.

 The flavor of fried seafood mixed with the sauce and the food’s chewy texture will have you addicted to this snack in no time.

Siu MaiHong Kong Street Food Siu mAi

Hong Kong is the paradise for dim sum. Granted that street food will not be served with the same quality as restaurants, siu mai served in the streets are still a mouthwatering delicacy. Street foods definitely have their own charm and taste that differs from high-quality restaurant food.

These lip-smacking snacks are usually served on a stick with pork or fish fillings.

Stinky Tofu

Hong Kong Street Food Stinky TofuStinky tofu is renowned for its strong smell, but it is also well-known as a true delicacy. If you get past the stink, the dish is full of flavor and texture. The tofu is fermented with milk and meat for a few months, which causes the smell.

In Hong Kong, stinky tofu is usually deep-fried. When you take the bite, you can feel the blend of the crunchy outside and soft inside. The dish is also served with sweet chili sauce.

These are only some of Hong Kong’s many street foods. There are endless foods, sights and culture to experience Hong Kong. These streets are not only filled with delicious food but unique markets as well including flower markets and jade markets.

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Hong Kong Street Food