Lawrence Applegate

I travel every year with this company for the last 10 years or so. I like to use my discount points and since I’m now leaving a review I will get more points for another discount for next year. I’ve been referring this company and their staff over all these years because not only are the prices good, but the service I receive here in the US from their employees and abroad during my trips are excellent. This year my wife and I went on a South America trip to Brazil, Peru & Argentina. This company never fails me and once again we had a trip of a lifetime. I went to Brazil 23 years ago, but had never visited the other countries. I wanted to go back and Jean, my travel agent suggested I make a stop in Peru and Argentina since I was flying down there already. I liked Peru so much that I want to go back next year and do a full country tour. This tour only had us there for 6 days, but there’s a lot to see there. They have a loyal and happy customer in my wife and I.