Melissa- India Trip

We had very successful flights, hotels and Rotaplast Mission Work in Chittagong!!
Our treat was the Golden Triangle in India!!  The 4 of us ( Karen Davis) stuck together from Chittagong to Dacha to Kolkata to Delhi!!  We laughed and got an eyeful along the way!
Shubi was our over the top, on time, pack it all in tour guide in India, his trusty, amazing driver of the 12 passenger van and bus boy, Lackey, who handled all the van needs and our luggage – set out for a busy, personal and great trip thru the Golden Triangle for 6 days…never a dull moment!!
The hotels, food and travel felt safe, clean and very comfortable!  The Food in India was delicious and we stayed healthy!! The weather was a little cool but dry. We were the only 3 on the tour and got to go to Forts, Palaces, the Pink City, shopping for silk, Cotton, Hindu temple prayer time, rode an elephant, saw a Bollywood  show of the history of the Taj Mahal, professional photos of us
( Maharajies) at the Taj Mahal, saw all the sacred animals roaming the streets, camels working, dogs everywhere.. visited  spice markets, fed the monkeys along the roads, rickshaw in old Delhi, rode comfortably seeing the scenery for 5-6 hrs a day, had tea and wonderful hospitality in the shops, looked  at the Wind Palace, ate a delicious variety of foods with Curry., rice stews, chicken, vegetables….enjoyed lots of conversation and learned from Shubi about Indian culture, education, family, Arab and Hindu reigns….all while weaving in and out of the busy traffic of  the cities!!!
All in All we had a fantastic trip and want to go back again!!! Colorful!!
Thank you so much for pulling the trip together for us at the last minute!  We were grateful to have added the India trip on to the Rotaplast Mission.
In Bangladesh, we “Saved Smiles and Changed Lives” and in India – it changed our lives and made us Smile!!!
Thank you, we would highly recommend your services again as well as our Tour guide Shubi!! You all worked hard and fast to let us enjoy the journey, relaxed!
All the Best,
Melissa, Michele and Elizabeth 😄