Alexa’s Trip to Korea – Part 3: Seoul Wellness

Seoul Wellness
Seoul Wellness

In Alexa’s recent Korea Wellness Tour, she was able to experience the best programs to rejuvenate her physical as well as mental well-being. As Korea is known for their treatments, beauty, skincare and superfoods, Alexa was able to experience world-renowned wellness and beauty programs in Seoul.

As part of her tour, Alexa spent time at Seoul, Korea’s capital as well as the world’s 4th wealthiest city in the world. In this city, travelers can find nearly anything from the best restaurants to the best clubs. She remembers Seoul as a city full of energy that demonstrates a mixture of modern and traditional culture.

Alexa states her most unforgettable experiences as visiting a Jjimjilbang, the traditional Korean spa. The spa is used throughout the year by people going with friends, families, and partners or even by themselves. The spa includes Jacuzzis, steam rooms, masseurs, body scrubbers and even delicious food.

The facilities are not only designed to promote cleanliness and relaxation but also social interactions. In Korea, jjimjilbangs are not just a spa facility but also a huge part of Korean tradition and culture.

Alexa continued to receive more spa experiences as she visited the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store, that is not only known as a popular cosmetic brand but also as a spa. Using materials such as jade and red ginseng, Sulwhasoo’s wellness and skincare programs fully immerse their visitors in Korean tradition.

In addition to Sulwhasoo, the wellness program also included the Olive Spa, famous for its spa treatments and postnatal treatments. There, Alexa was able to experience their body slandering program.

As Korea is famous for both their beauty products and K-Pop, Alexa was able to receive the ultimate make-over experience to transform into a K-Pop star. She visited a beauty salon, Collabo X, which works with many artists and celebrities, to receive services from hair stylists and make-up artists.

In addition to her vast physical wellness and beauty experiences, Alexa was able to find mental wellness by visiting Jogyesa Temple. This temple is a popular Buddhist temple, and within that temple she was able to talk with monks to learn about their values and philosophies.

Their lifestyle is demonstrated not only in their thinking but also their food, As travelers get an opportunity to eat a meal with the monks and their vegetarian dishes. Alexa compares the temple stay to a mental therapy as the stay provided time to meditate, learn about other philosophies and reflect on a minimal lifestyle.

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