There are Multiple Reasons to Book your Trips Earlier

Book Early

Spontaneous trips are always fun, but it can benefit you to plan your trips in advance if you know where you want to go. It is true that planning ahead is tough because of unpredictable occurrences, but booking tours earlier can benefit your vacation in the long run.

Cheaper Rates

With Charming Travel Destinations’ new “Book By” rates, travelers can enjoy better rates for their trips. Now, you can save money on travels to top destinations like Thailand, China, and Japan.

Customers can enjoy these rates as long as they book before a certain date. “Book by” rates can save travelers $100 to $200.


Cheaper Flights

Flights are one of the most expensive parts of a vacation trip. For longer flights, the air fare can take more than half the overall budget of a trip. However, booking your trip ahead of time can save money on airfare.

According to the Huffington Post, researchers concluded that, on average, 54 days before departure is when flights are the cheapest. On a bigger range, it is good to book 21 to 105 days earlier for the best possible prices. In contrast, booking within the 2 weeks before departure can cost around $150 more.

Nevertheless, it is good to remember that flight costs variate depending on seasons as well.

More Time to Prepare

There are many logistics and planning behind traveling. There are visa, insurance, flight, passport, luggage and health matters to be taken care of. Also, people might want to extend their vacation or travel multiple tours.

To ease the stress of preparation, travel companies assist clients with most of the work. However, a lot of the preparation including paperwork needs time. Furthermore, planning ahead of time gives you the opportunity to schedule your free time, take care of work at home and go shopping.

Raise happiness and Lower Stress

Everyone knows that vacations are meant for stress relief, but did you know that planning a vacation can make you happier before the trip as well?

According to Applied Research in Quality of Life, people experienced an increase in happiness from booking a trip. The anticipation of their trips made people happier than actually taking them.

The main reason is that having something to look forward to like traveling makes people happier. Rather than going on a spontaneous trip, why not book now and enjoy the boost of happiness?

You can enjoy these benefits when you book early. Check out the enticing “Book By” rates in our Thailand, Japan, and China Tours.