Prepare Travels using the Travel Handbook Guide


Whether you are a first-time or experienced traveler, there are always questions and uncertainties when traveling to a new destination. It is essential to know certain things such as electrical outlet, health, time zone and visa information whenever you are in another country. From to best travel times to weather conditions, the Travel Handbook Guide is a page full of useful information that travelers can use to do their research and prepare travels.

Good Season TripThe Best Time to Travel

This page offers the best destinations for every month. For example, the best places to go in May include Hungary, Netherlands, Washington D.C. and Portugal. Furthermore, you can also pick a destination and find the best times to go. 


Currency Converter

The currency converter directs you to XE, the world’s trusted currency authority. Understanding currency rates is crucial for shopping, dining and enjoying culture.

 Electrical Outlet Information

Many travelers need to understand electrical outlet information whether you need to charge your phone, use your laptop, curl your hair or charge you camera. The page directs you to a site all about the different electrical outlets in the world. The site also gives information to travelers regarding the necessity of plug adapters.

International Health and Vaccination

The page directs you to Center for Disease Control and Prevention so that travelers can learn the different health and vaccination requirements for different countries. When traveling abroad, there are diverse health risks especially in developing countries. The page not only offers vaccination information but also food and water tips as well.

Travel Checklist

Planning a trip by yourself can be difficult because of many different logistics. Although Charming Travel Destinations eases your stress, to make your planning even easier, the page directs you to a checklist to help the preparation of your trip including visa and insurance information.

Travel emergencyInternational Emergency Resources

Unpredictable events are unavoidable factors of traveling. Emergencies can happen wherever you go. The page links to a government site that assists you in different emergency situations including natural disasters, medical emergencies, lost/stolen passports and more. It is not only important to look at the guide before you travel for research but also to look at it during your travels.

International Travel Warnings

The page directs you to government issued travel warnings. The warnings are for travelers to carefully consider their travel destinations. It is important to understand the different risks involved in specific areas.

Time and Date

Even though your smartphone might automatically adjust its time, it is still important to understand the time and dates for your destination. Unlike our phones, most of the time our bodies need time and preparation to adjust to new time zones. The site also offers useful information regarding certain dates in different countries.

Worldwide Tipping Guide

This guide was made to help travelers avoid embarrassing moments during their trip. The guide offers travelers a table of suggested tip rates.

 International Luggage Policies

Although Charming Travel Destinations emails clients about airline luggage policies a month before their departure, many of our travelers ask months ahead of time to prepare. It would be unfortunate if you shopped for a new outfit to wear on your trip only to find out that it doesn’t fit in the required carry size. The guide shows the different policies for most of the airlines we use.

The Travel Handbook Guide is a great resource for travelers’ research and preparation. The guide also offers language, visa, insurance, airport, older traveler tip and passport information.

Travelers should not only prepare now but also use the guide as reference for information they might need during their trip. We recommend you save the guide on your smartphone just in case. Check out our Travel Guide and bookmark it for later use.