The Perfect Time to Book a Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

There is no doubt that Japan is currently one of the most trending destinations. Out of all months to travel, the Japan Cherry Blossom Season, from March to May, is one of the most popular seasons among Americans. However due to its popularity, travel experts recommend planning for the season almost six months in advance.

According to research, Japan has been breaking records each year in terms of their tourists. Japan’s visitor numbers grew 20 percent from last year’s numbers. The numbers have nearly doubled from 2014 to 2016, going from 14 million visitors to 23 million. With the high demand, it is no wonder that some dates need to be booked months in advance.

Osaka City BreakAs the Earth’s climate and weather changes, the cherry blossom seasons also seems to differ every year. According to studies, the cherry blossom season has been arriving earlier every year and full blooms are now expected to arrive around late March to early April.

In order to experience the full blossom, travelers would need to visit late March and early April. During this period, visitors can witness the entire cities, like Kyoto, decorated in mesmerizing flowers. In addition, Japan’s spring season also provides the perfect weather for visitors as the country can become very humid, hot or cold in other months.

However, cities like Kyoto are extremely popular and hotels are booked fast. In order to guarantee a spot, experts suggest planning five to six months in advance. For people looking forward to traveling to Japan in 2020, the upcoming weeks are the golden times to secure your travel plans.

In addition to guaranteeing your spot in a tour, booking months in advance can provide other benefits such as our “Book By” promotions.

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