More than a Resort- Pattaya offers Cultural Experiences

Pattaya Culture
Pattaya Culture

Pattaya is often recognized as a destination of leisure, relaxation and pleasure rather than culture and tradition. Many people claim that it lacks “culture” and “tradition”. Granted that the westernization and growth of tourism has changed a lot of the city, still there is more to Pattaya than its reputation as a resort city.

The Sanctuary of Truth is probably the most iconic representations of Thai culture in Pattaya. The 105 meter tall structure is entirely made out of wood. Khun Lek Viriyaphant, a Thai businessman, started the project in 1981 to appreciate and demonstrate Thai culture and history.

Despite its appearance as a temple, the structure is a demonstration of ancient knowledge, Eastern philosophy, way of living, art and culture. The sanctuary is also a reflection of the Ancient Vision of Earth.

Many of its designs are influenced by Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Visitors can find fascinatingly detailed sculptures, which were all hand carved by skilled craftsmen. Despite its huge stature and more than 30 years of work, the sanctuary is still being completed and visitors can see craftsmen at work.

In addition to cultural architecture, Pattaya is home to a floating market, another authentic part of Thai culture. Floating markets are basically markets where goods are sold from boats. Floating markets not only offer visitors a unique shopping experience but also a delicious culinary experience. The markets sell a variety of delicious dishes, desserts and snacks from all over the kingdom.

thailand pattaya floating marketAlthough the Damnoen Saduk Floating Market is the most popular and famous, the Pattaya Floating Market is the biggest floating market in the world. Covering 100,000 square miles, the market hosts eateries, art and souvenir shops. The market is divided into the four major parts of Thailand that sell food and items from their respective regions.

Travelers can expect more than delicious exotic food in the market. The market also offers cultural and artistic performances every afternoon including classical dance, martial arts and water boxing.

The city also has various Buddhist temples and shrines including the Wat Yansangwararam and Buddha Hill. Furthermore, tourists can watch incredible cultural shows in the city’s theatres.Pattaya

Pattaya is a destination that balances culture, art and pleasure. The city is not only the perfect destination for fun and relaxation but also culture. From spectacular grand architecture to the biggest floating market in the world, Pattaya offers unique experiences that will help visitors learn more about Thai culture.


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