Why You Need to Visit Koh Hong in Thailand

Koh HongCompared to James Bond Island or the Phi Phi Islands, Koh Hong may sound more unfamiliar. However, the island is a natural beauty that will leave your mind in awe of its many spectacles.

Located near Phuket in the the beautiful Krabi coastline, Koh Hong is an archipelago made up of four tiny islands. The area is filled with limestone islands, turquoise waters, white sand and vibrant fishes. However, its most magnificent feature is its hidden room.

Koh Hong literally translates to “Room Island”. Travelers can take a boat or kayak around the island and discover a hidden “room”, a secret lagoon. When you discover the room, boats can enter a narrow passage into the hidden gem.

The lagoon is surrounded by cliffs, calm waters and scenic mangroves making it a secluded paradise. The waters are also perfect for leisurely swimming as it only comes up to about a meter in low tides. The picturesque lagoon will surely be one of the biggest highlights as the scenery will make your jaws drop.

Exploring the lagoon is not the only activity in Koh Hong. Because of the perfect waters and beaches, travelers can also swim, snorkel, scuba dive, fish, hike and relax.

Visitors can also discover the vast array of wildlife including colorful fishes, monkeys and lizards. Observing local white-faced gibbons can certainly be an interesting part of the day.

Koh Hong offers countless opportunities for adventure and unforgettable sights. The scenery leaves visitors in awe of the overwhelming beauty of nature. Finding the perfect blend of leisure and nature, visiting Koh Hong will improve every traveler’s vacation.

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Koh Hong