Travel to Mongolia for the Best Adventure

Mongolia Adventure
Mongolia offers epic journeys

A huge part of traveling is the adventure. While some destinations offer the perfect resort, destinations like Mongolia offer adventures that wildly contrast to urban lifestyle. Filled with history, unspoiled nature and nomadic lifestyle, prepare for a Mongolia adventure.

Adventure is completely embedded within the culture of Mongolia. From creating an empire on horses to living as nomads, adventures have been part of daily life in Mongolia for centuries. Despite globalization and modernization, much of Mongolia still remains untouched. Mongolians still strongly preserve their tradition and culture.

mongolia camelsTravelers can witness a completely different lifestyle and gain new perspectives. Retreat from the fast-paced urban lifestyle and immerse yourself in the rural nomadic culture. You can even visit local camel herder families in their Ger.

Proving their preservation of tradition, horses and camels are still a central part of Mongolian life. The country even has their own unique breeds that differ from most camels and horses.

Venture Mongolia’s unspoiled lands on horses and camels. Learn to ride horses from the world’s top equestrians, Mongolians. In Mongolia, horseback riding isn’t just a recreational activity but tradition and culture.

What adds to the countless journeys to create in Mongolia is its majestic nature. Mongolia also contains some of the best landscapes in the world including numerous national parks, valleys, the Gobi Desert, sand dunes and amazing plains.

Travelers can also discover history in Mongolia. From the Mongolian Empire to the Silk Road, the country has been the center of many parts of Eastern history.

The land’s history does not just go back to ancient civilization but also the Jurassic era. Mongolia is home to numerous dinosaur excavations and discoveries. Get ready for a Jurassic adventure, where you can find many bones and fossils.

With the mix of awe-inspiring nature and traditional culture, Mongolia offers countless opportunities for epic journeys. To go on an adventure throughout Mongolia, check out our Best of Mongolia and Treasure of Mongolia tours.