Mariam’s Trip to Korea – Part 3: The People of Korea

People of KoreaIn Mariam’s recent trip to South Korea, she not only discovered its diverse attractions and rich culture but also lifestyles of the locals. Recollecting her recent memories, Mariam explains a couple of interesting facts that occurred to her about the people of Korea. 

  1. Out of all the other countries you’ve traveled to, how does South Korea differ from other destinations you’ve visited?

    One of the major differences was that South Korea was relatively clean. Despite the huge concentration of people in the metropolis, Seoul maintains clean aesthetics. Aesthetics are a huge factor in Korean culture, whether it is the way a building looks or the way people are dressed.

    Another interesting fact about the people is their active lifestyle. Every day, I saw people with their hiking gear. Whether you are a young couple or a group of elders, many Koreans love to hike. Since the country is surrounded by mountains, most Koreans enjoy hiking as a hobby and go all out with their gear. Maybe their array of dishes and active lifestyle is a huge factor in their long life expectancy rates.

  2. From the former president’s impeachment to peace talks with North Korea, there has been a lot of political events in South Korea in recent years. What was your impression of South Korea’s political atmosphere during your trip?

    I was able to visit Korea after a series of heated political events including the impeachment of the female president, crimes of the former president and Trump pulling out of a meeting with Kim Jong Eun. I was surprised to witness protests every Saturday covering streets and blocks, and these protests have already lasted a couple of months.

    The people of South Korea are really invested in their politics and passionate about the social growth of their country. From elders to college students, they are really passionate about what they believe in. It was interesting to witness the political atmosphere of another country.

From their active lifestyle to the political atmosphere, Mariam was able to discover the different dimensions of the people living in Korea. Despite the continuous Westernization, Koreans are able to keep many core beliefs, traditions and values alive throughout their society. To experience this in-depth, check out our South Korea Tours.