Mariam’s Trip to Korea – Part 1: Traveling in Korea

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Recently, our very own Marketing Director Mariam Jimenez traveled to South Korea to discover South Korea’s travel trends today. Visiting the best attractions in Korea, Mariam explains her trip to Korea.

1. What were the different cities you visited and what made each of them unique?

“ I got to visit Seoul, the capital of South Korea. What really stood out to my eyes were the glass buildings that were 2-4 stories high. Each of the floors were different restaurants made up of glass, and it added a modern and beautiful atmosphere to the city. Contemporary buildings really help you understand why Seoul is one of the top cosmopolitan cities.

I was also able to visit the new section of the DMZ. The tour of the DMZ included shooting a machine gun, standing next to soldiers, going into hideouts and seeing their trucks.

Another city I visited was Jeonju, where I could immerse myself in Korean traditions and culture. The city had a Hanok Village with traditional houses and gardens. It was truly mesmerizing. However, the best part of the city was hiking up Mt. Maisan and reaching its spiritual rock-formed Temple. After an hour and half of soft trekking and reaching Tapsa Temple, I felt very spiritual, and I am not even religious.

Then, we headed to Pyeongchang, where I got to try on a bride hanbok, the Korean traditional wear. I also got to visit where the Winter 2018 Olympics took place for skiing.

Lastly, I visited Sokcho, a city filled with beautiful scenery that provides serenity to its visitors. Here, I got to ride a cable car then trek to the top of Mt. Seorak. It was a little challenging for me but well worth it.”

2. What was one unforgettable experience you had in South Korea?
“One unforgettable experience I had was staying at the 4 Seasons Hotel. It was extremely luxurious. Korea is definitely a country full of tradition, culture and entertainment, but it does not lack in luxury either. From its high-quality services to fine dining experiences, Korea knows how to give visitors a great time.”

3. We know you’ve been to South Korea a long time ago. How has it changed since then and what stayed the same? Any surprises?
“There are many more cafes now than back when I was there before. You can find 3-5 cafes and KFCs- ‘Korean Fried Chicken’ restaurants on each street.

Also because of K-Beauty’s popularity, I see a lot more K Beauty shops on the street now as well. This was all new to me because back when I went it was mostly tofu houses. Those were mostly gone now.”

Despite Korea’s small size, it is a country full of diverse attractions. From nature to one of the world’s top nightlife, there’s a reason why Korea is quickly rising as one of the world’s hottest destinations. To experience South Korea’s endless charms, check out our Korea tours.