April’s Japan Trip

Beautiful Japan

Recently, traveler April  traveled to Japan for the first time to observe the beautiful cherry blossoms, the culture and the amazing sights. She now explains the beautiful sights she visited and her experience throughout her trip in her testimony.

1. Did you visit the historic  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum, how was it? Tell us about some of the sites you visited.  

April – “We started of the tour by visiting the historic Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum which really stood out for me. This building was the one out of the few buildings to remain standing after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, which occurred in August 6, 1945. The Atomic Bomb Dome was breathtaking especially because of its dark legacy. Although, it has a dark legacy the meaning behind it now is heartwarming. The people around seemed so peaceful as if the dark history had been forgotten. The environment me gave me a sense of peace which made me feel welcomed. Second, we visited the Osaka Castle, which is a five-story castle like seen in the movies.  The Osaka castle was part of the unification of Japan during the sixteen century which made the visit even more memorable.

Thirdly, we went into the Kuromon Market. As soon as we walked into the market I can smell the different foods and was excited to try them. When walking through the market I can see all the vendors preparing and selling fresh produce and also souvenirs . I was able to try the different meals throughout the trip which had me fully satisfied.


Another site that I visited was the Golden Pavilion. The Golden Pavilion was very eye catchy since it is covered in glittering gold leafs. The  Golden Pavilion is a sight that no one can miss, from a distance you can still see the shine which amazed me the most. One of the sights that I will never forget will definitely be the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. This forest was jaw-dropping and simply the best I’ve ever seen.”

2. What was the most beautiful experience or sight you encountered?

  April  – “The most beautiful, unforgettable sight I encountered was definitely the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.We all got there early in the morning which was even better since it is said to be the best time to arrive to have a great experience. ” I always saw pictures online and was wowed by them, but the feeling I had throughout the walk in the forest was just surreal. When walking through the forest I felt very unworried , I felt nothing but happiness and a sense of relaxation. Having the feeling of relaxation while being away from home made me enjoy the trip even more.”


3.Was this tour what you expected? What did you learn?

April – “This tour definitely exceeded my expectations. Not only was this tour fun, but informative and memorable. What made this tour unforgettable was simply the stories and meanings behind all the beautiful sights we visited. Having the opportunity to experience the different cultures around the world makes me change my perspective on traveling. Traveling is mot just about having fun but also about being able experience the different cultures/beliefs all over the world. I am definitely going to be returning to beautiful Japan.”