Why Travelers Need to Experience a Khmer Massage in Cambodia

Khmer Massage
Khmer massage

A Khmer massage is the traditional massage of Cambodia, hence the word “Khmer,” the ethnic people that comprises most of Cambodia. Unlike most massages, this traditional form relies on the body’s natural moisture and does not use oils.

The massage includes the masseuse giving a massage on your body and helping you stretch. The massages involve using thumbs, hands, arms, knees and feet to stimulate and ease the pressure points.

Although it is a matter of preference, there are people that enjoy Khmer massages more than Thai massages because they are less vigorous, oil-free and fully clothed.

Although it involves less vigorous stretching than Thai massage, Khmer massage do not lack in providing relief. Many tourists talk about how invigorated they are after the massage and stretches. Many even say the foot massages are one of the best foot massages they ever received.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Lowering blood pressure 
  2. Lowering stress hormones
  3. Alleviating pain and helping body functions
  4. Relieving muscle and joint tensions
  5. Reducing insomnia
  6. Revitalizing skin through healthier blood flow
  7. Increasing alertness

These massages are not just for relaxation but an integral part of the Cambodian culture. These massages are an ancient healing practice for the Khmer.

The practice was mainly used for monks who mediated or rested for long periods of time and needed body alignment and muscle alleviation. Just hearing about its origins makes the massage sound incredibly beneficial to the body.

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