Joseph’s Japan Trip – Part 2: Tips for Travelers

Japan Travel Tips
Japan Travel Tips

In our recent tour, Joseph, an avid traveler, was able to discover the remarkable beauty that makes the country one of the world’s top destinations. As he traveled, Joseph explains some quick tips for travelers to make the most of their trip.

  1. What is one thing travelers must do in Japan?

“Eat!  There are many foods and flavors that can only be found in Japan.  Be adventurous and try everything!  It’s fun to offer something completely new to your taste buds.  If you aren’t an adventurous eater, you can at least try the wonderful matcha (green tea) flavored soft-serve ice cream found nearly everywhere.”

  1. Out of all the meals you had on the tour, which was your favorite?

“My favorite was the “Kaiseki”-style dinner included in the tour.  Kaiseki is a traditional, multi-course dinner.  It consists of a huge spread of all sorts of tiny dishes such as sashimi, eel, miso soup, pickled vegetables, an assortment of traditional side dishes, dessert, etc.  I had so many dishes in front of me, there must have been more than fifteen small plates to sample!  My taste-buds went for a wild ride!”

  1. Any recommendations or tips for first time travelers or visitors to Japan?

“The same tip I have for travelers going anywhere: go with an open-mind and a “sponge-like” attitude!  Take it all in.  Learn, reflect, and grow.  Japanese culture is so different from our own Western culture in every aspect—religion, art and aesthetics, fashion, social norms, cuisine, architecture. Everything in Japan is uniquely Japanese and, as such, presents a Western traveler with a remarkable opportunity to expand his/her own world.”

  1. There are three major destinations within Japan, and it can be hard to differentiate each city for first time travelers. What differentiates the major cities like Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo from each other?

“Kyoto presents a traveler with remarkable religious and historical sites such as the Kiyomizu-dera.  Osaka is a more of typical Japanese city. It is a bit less touristy, with less eye-popping sites compared with other cities. However, in this way, it makes the city a great place to observe every-day Japanese culture.  Tokyo is a mega, labyrinthine super city that impresses visitors with its sheer size, huge population, dazzling lights, and interesting encounters at every turn.”

From mouthwatering foods to a wide variety of historical attractions, Japan is filled with new and authentic experiences for every traveler. As you take a tour around its most intriguing cities, it is important to keep an open eye and mind to the vast array of discoveries to be made. To create unforgettable memories in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, check out the Glimpse of Japan tour today!

Kyoto Kiyomizu Dera