Joseph’s Japan Trip – Part 3: The Unique Japanese Culture

Joseph Japanese Culture
Japanese Culture

In Joseph’s recent trip to Japan, he was able to catch a glimpse into Japan’s sights, history, and culture. The Japanese culture is so diverse and unique that it is one of the main reasons why Japan is one of the world’s most beloved destinations. Although it can’t be fully explained into words, Joseph was able to provide a quick look into Japan.

  1. Japan is well-known for many things including their unique traditions, social norms, and etc. What was something interesting that stood out to you during your trip to Japan?

“I was impressed by Japanese discipline.  For example, their high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are extraordinary.  It was refreshing to see a society that collectively looks after its common spaces with respect and diligence.   You never see trash thrown anywhere on the street.  There are also hardly any rubbish bins in public. Japanese people simply have the discipline to take care of their personal garbage all day, carry it with them and dispose of it individually when they reach home.”

  1. What are somethings visitors should focus on to truly immerse themselves in Japanese culture? (For example: The harmony between history and modern culture? Pop culture? Interacting with locals? Etc.)

“Despite the language barrier, visitors should definitely try to interact as much as possible with locals.  I found the Japanese to be very warm and hospitable.  I also think there is a “Japanese world-view” that is so different from our own. It seems to be steeped in a profound sense of noble discipline. The only way to truly learn more about it, is to make friends with locals and learn from them!”

  1. How does Japan differ from other countries you’ve traveled to when it comes to culture and sights?

“Everything is well-organized, well-cared for, and clean.  This is what most stood out to me when I visited Japanese cities and sites.  Sadly, this is unique in today’s world…and hence, so refreshing!”

  1. If you can summarize Japan in one word or phrase, what would it be?

“Pleasantly idiosyncratic”

As Joseph perfectly described it, Japan is “pleasantly idiosyncratic.” Their traditions and social norms create a culture that is unlike any other destination. With its highly disciplined, well-mannered, and welcoming culture, any traveler can enjoy a pleasant visit to experience the country in-depth.

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