Visit The Hangzhou China Tea Plantation

And Enjoy A Wonderful Experience! If you want to learn more about tea, you can either read the ancient The Classic Tea Account which details the origins of tea and how it’s made, or you can visit one of the most popular tea plantations in China – Hangzhou. Getting an insight into the wonderful world of tea Hangzhou Tea TourOne of the best ways to learn about green tea and how it’s made is to visit one of the oldest and most important tea plantations in China, and that’s in Hangzhou. The area is known as the Holy Land of tea, and many accounts track back the history of this popular tea to ancient times. With records dating back to as far as 1127 at the time the Southern Song Dynasty ruled, this area has become a thriving center for tea enthusiasts and aficionados, or for simple tourists who want to enjoy a wonderful site. Unravel the mysteries of China’s best green tea With sprawling tea plantations and a plethora of tea houses, there is no shortage of things to see while you’re in Hangzhou. And besides the wonderful, rich tea plantations that look like they’re taken out of a fairy tale, you also get to see the biggest tea museum in China. You can delight your tastes in the numerous refined tea houses, or you can stroll among the dew filled tea plantations and learn how they are picked and processed. Getting into the mystical tea ceremony Also called the Dragon Well Green Tea, this high quality tea is among the finest in the entire country. You can get to see an authentic tea ceremony and get an insight into the art of boiling and drinking this great tea. Even the great traveler and merchant Marco Polo was astounded by the laid back and exotic life style in this area. He was so mesmerized with the wonderful tea plantations and with the exquisite lifestyle that he depicted Hangzhou as the most beautiful and refined city in the entire world. Visiting refined tea houses With over 700 tea houses scattered throughout the area, picking one is a tough choice. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to hire a guide, and if you have enough time at your disposal, you can visit as many as you possibly can, and experience the wonders of the ancient tea drinking ceremony. Visit the elegant tea houses and enjoy an authentic cup of Dragon Well Green tea. You will be amazed as to how relaxed and peaceful you will feel, soothing the nerves and stimulating the mind. Visit the Hangzhou China tea plantation For the Chinese people, tea is more than just a national beverage. It is a medicine, a way of life, and an opportunity to get in touch with your spirituality while also getting closer to fellow men. Are you ready to visit China? Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Hangzhou and its many tea plantations, as it will mesmerize you and offer you an experience you will never forget.