Dubai is quickly becoming the number one traveling destination

Dubai is quickly becoming the number one traveling destination everyone wants to vist.  Yet, many people still don’t know exactly where it’s at.  Some even think Dubai is the name of the country.  In the last couple of years United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become extremely popular.  Not just because of Abu Dhabi or because it’s a friendly Muslim country, but solely because of Dubai. With lots to offer for all kinds of travelers, no wonder Dubai has soared past Europe destinations and is now the “it” destination to visit.  Dubai has been featured in many movies and celebrities are flocking over there weekly. Dubai has lots to offer for family, honeymooners, girls trip and more. One can dine in Burj Al Arab, a 7 star luxury hotel or in Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world.  Do endless shopping in its many souks or it’s famous Mall of Emirates where one can enjoy some  indoor skiing.  You can book a Dubai tour package or opt for just a couple of day tours and have the rest of the time free for leisure to explore on your own.  I highly recommend experiencing a Desert Safari tour where you can ride a camel, dress in their traditional attire, try some hookha and much more.  Dubai give you the opportunity to experience the Muslim culture and surround yourself by friendly people.  Possibilities are endless in Dubai. dubai-aerial: Dubai Sand-dunes-1: Dubai ski dubai burj al khalif-3 - Dubai