DIY Tours or Organized Tours: Travel Based on Your Needs

DIY Tours or Organized Tours
DIY Tours or Organized Tours


Before, travelers were limited to traveling on an organized tour with an operator or traveling independently. However, with Charming Travel Destinations’ launch of DIY Tours, travelers can now decide to travel on DIY tours or organized tours based on convenience or flexibility.

Guided tour have been around to provide many benefits to travelers including convenience, cost effectiveness, safety and special access. In efforts to increase create new ways of traveling, Charming Travel Destinations launched its DIY Tours. The do-it-yourself tours allow travelers to choose from existing programs on the site to create their own personal tour.

According to research, personalization affects more than 50 percent of consumer’s shopping decisions and more than 70 percent choose companies that provide personalized services. Many of today’s consumers prefer personalization and uniqueness, which is one of the reasons why DIY has been trending worldwide.

Because DIY Tours are personal programs made from shorter tours and activities, it also prioritizes flexibility and personal leisure time. Rather than following a group, DIY tours allow travelers to go where they want when they want.

For example, a trip to Thailand is not limited to the usual itinerary most tourists want. Travelers can go on a tour to Chiang Mai and visit Singapore after or travel to Kyoto then Jeju Island, providing countless combinations.

Although they are not meant for everyone, organized tours still remain a good choice for travelers without strong expertise.

Organized tours allow people to travel in a small or large group with a guide. Traveling in groups with an expert who can translate is most likely going to be a wiser and safer choice. Organized tours also provide the best itinerary for getting the most out of a destinations within a short time through VIP access, expert guides and high-quality accommodations.

Despite the belief that organized tours minimize personal leisure and immersive experiences, many tour companies offer these tours with good amount of free time as well as cultural experiences. Traveling in a group can also add a valuable experience to the trip.

Paulina Merino, an experienced travel guide, explains that each program offers their own unique experiences.

“People often think that group tours do not offer in-depth experiences; however, organized tours not only offer prioritized access but also exclusive access to off-the beaten path experiences. However, if you are confident with your knowledge and research, creating your own itinerary allows you to do exactly what you wanted to according to your research and past experiences,” says Merino.

Whether it is a DIY tour or organized tour, choosing the right vacation is up to every clients’ personal travel values. If priorities are set on flexibility and personal time, DIY tours are the way to go. If travelers want a stress-free tour that gets them the most experiences within a short time, group tours will satisfy those needs.

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