Why the City of Guilin Will Take your Breath Away

View of Guilin

China is a country filled with majestic and magical sceneries. Out of all its wonders, the city of Guilin is probably the most scenic of them all. With sky-piercing mountains covered in ambient mists, Guilin’s landscape continues to represent China’s awe-inspiring nature.

Guilin’s incredible backdrop is comprised of its karst mountains. You can see these green monstrous hills while you are cruising down the Li River.

These mountains are landscapes formed from the erosion and dissolution of soluble rocks like limestone. As acidic water from rainfall flows through the rocks, rocks are dissolved and eroded allowing more water to flow.

The fascination over these landforms also come from the amount of time it takes to create such natural features. As water flows through the land over millions of years, the changes create limestone mountains, sinkholes, drainage paths and caves.

Guilin - Reed Flute CaveGuilin’s Reed Flute Cave is another natural creation from the karst landscape. The cave’s name is also derived from the reeds that form outside the cave that can be used to create flutes.

Slowly formed from karst limestones, the cave is filled with incredible stalagmites, pillars and other rock formations that create vivid and mesmerizing sights. The multi-colored lighting also add to the cave’s spectacular ambience.

The cave is so beautiful that it is often referred as the “Palace of Natural Arts”. The 240 meter long cave is conveniently located in Guilin for tourists to visit.  

GuilinThe best way to witness these breathtaking views is a cruise through the mellow Li River. You can catch glimpses of lush green hills and rice paddy fields.

The beauty of Guilin is unending with picturesque rice terraces and the warm hearts of hardworking locals.

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