Charming Travel Destinations Now Offers Online Booking

Charming Travel Destinations, a travel company, allows online booking for travelers to improve customer and travel experience.

Charming Travel Destinations, a travel company operating since 1987, now offers tours online so that customers can easily book trips on their computer or mobile device.

As part of the expansion, Charming Travel Destinations implemented an online shopping cart on their website so that clients can instantly book tours. Within four steps, customers can book tours, hotels and flights.

The company partnered with Pixel Jar, a web developer company, to create the shopping cart. David Margowsky, Project Manager of Pixel Jar, says that this will improve customer experience.

“The new shopping cart for Charming Travel Destinations allows for a better user experience. Travelers can customize the trip whether that is adding flights or just additional rooms, and they can see what the impacts are to their travel budget. The methodology that we took for the job allowed for a lot of flexibility without adding a lot of overhead so the checkout process stays very fast,” said Margowsky.

In addition to the cart, Charming Travel Destinations offers “Book By” rates. Clients have the opportunity to travel at cheaper rates when they book a tour by certain dates. The “Book By” promotion also includes land plus air packages where consumers can purchase their tours and international flights at once.

To further improve customer experience, the company also launched their Charming Club Rewards program. The rewards program allows members that join to earn rewards for tours traveled, social media actions and friend referrals. Travelers can use these rewards to get discounts on their future trips.

The company’s change is to ease the process and bring better experiences for every traveler. With the shopping cart, “Book By” rates and rewards program, the company is promoting its customers to travel to some of the most popular destinations like Thailand,  Japan, China and more.

About Charming Travel Destinations
Charming Travel Destinations is a major tour operator in North America arranging exclusive group, independent, student and corporate travels. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, Charming Travel Destinations promises the best quality performance, service and products in the travel industry. For more information, please visit