Charming Travel Destinations Launches its Charming Rewards Program

Rewards ProgramCharming Travel Destinations launches a new rewards program that offers benefits and credit for an improved customer and travel experience.

May 31, 2017- Travel company, Charming Travel Destinations, launches its first-ever loyalty rewards program, Charming Club Rewards. In the company’s effort for an upgraded customer experience, the credit-based program allows Charming Club travelers to earn rewards for traveling with the company.

With the launch, the company offers rewards to members for tours traveled, social media actions and friend referrals. Travelers can use their rewards to get discounts on their next trip. The company is proud to announce the program dedicated to its loyal customers.

“Our goal for the program is to optimize the experience for our customers,” said Marketing Director Mariam Jimenez. “Our company motto is ‘Time to Travel’, and we wanted to not only reward but also encourage our customers to travel.”

Charming Club’s inclusion of both loyalty and referral programs distinguishes it from most rewards programs in the travel industry. The program combines the two systems so that customers can travel at the best rates possible.

As soon as Charming Club members join, they can earn 3 percent credit of their trip’s base cost after they return from the tour, which can be applied to future tours.

Members are also rewarded for non-booking activities. Writing reviews or sharing photos of their trip can even earn members up to an additional 2 percent. Members can receive another 3 percent when they refer a friend to book a tour. Referred friends also benefit from an instant 3 percent discount on their booking.

To qualify, travelers must have previously purchased a tour from Charming Travel Destinations.

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