Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Nightlife
Buenos Aires Nightlife is lively

There are many songs and poems about the beauty of Buenos Aires at night and the reason is probably because the Buenos Aires night life is lively and exuberant.

One of the biggest reasons why their nightlife is lively is because of their dinner time and merienda. Merienda is a light meal Argentinians enjoy late afternoon around 5 to 6 pm. Because of merienda, Argentinians eat dinner at 9 pm on weekdays, and on weekends, they can eat dinner as late as 11. Dinner in Buenos Aires is definitely a worthwhile event especially because of their renowned steaks.

Except for a couple of neighborhoods and businesses, there are plenty of clubs and bars to enjoy your night in the “Paris of South America”. Bedtime is late in Buenos Aires and the streets are vibrant with music and people at night.

For clubs, you can find the city’s best club in the intersection of Honduras and Juan B.  Justo or along the Costanera Norte coast. Some of the best clubs, or boliches, are Niceto, Jet, Kika and Pacha club. The best time to go for clubbers is 2 am.  From reggaeton to EDM, you can find all sorts of music in the Buenos Aires clubs.

Buenos Aires Nightlife TangoYou cannot talk about Argentinian music without mentioning tango. Tango is not only a dance of passion but an expression that flows on a 2×4 rhythm. During the evening, you can enjoy its passion and bandoneon melodies in tanguerias (tango houses), shows and theaters. You can also enjoy them in milongas, places where people dance tango. Some of the best milongas include La Glorieta, Salón Canning and Buenos Ayres Club.

Another thing to know about Buenos Aires is that it is a friendly community. It was one of the first Latin American cities to legalize civil unions between people of the same gender. Its friendliness, artistic vibrancy and diversity makes it a great destination for everyone to feel welcome.

Prepare to experience a nightlife you have never experienced before. If you feel like your body cannot keep up, drink some yerba mate. Yerba mate is Argentina’s national drink. The tea-like beverage contains caffeine that can energize your body for the night.

If you are ever in Argentina, Buenos Aires’ nightlife is definitely something you need to experience. Whether it is eating dinner late, dancing at the hottest clubs or enjoying tango, Buenos Aires has a unique vibe you cannot find anywhere else.

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