North Coast Tour – Taipei, Taiwan *

  • USD$ 118.00 / Per Person; Adult / Child
  • Full Day

Depart to the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhism Monastery. Overlooking the coast at Jinshan, it is the largest Buddhist community in Northern Taiwan. The scholarly teachings of its late leader Dharma Master Sheng Yen was first known for his academic interpretation of Zen Buddhism. The complex is formally a Buddhist education center, with a library, meditation halls, conference rooms and accommodations for monastics and visiting scholars, as well as dining halls, landscape gardens and collections of religious artworks and artifacts. Continue to the Yeliou Geo Park, home to a number of unique geological formations including the iconic “Queen’s Head” and is located along a cape stretching out from the town of Wanli. Part of the Daliao Miaocene Formation, the cape stretches around 1,700 meters, formed as thousands of years of geological movement forced the Datun Mountains to change their shape, jutting out into the ocean. Lastly, head to the Chiufen Village. The Village of Chiufen were once centers of gold mining in Taiwan. The gold is gone, but these quaint old villages, built of closely-packed houses clinging to steep mountainsides, continue to offer enchanting scenery and fascinating glimpse into the lifestyles of the past.