Hong Kong – Market Food Tour

  • USD$ 107.00 / Per Person; Adult / Child
  • Afternoon
  • Dinner Included
Begin this walking tour by meeting your local guide at the Prince Edward MTR station by 2pm. Along with your guide, you will then kick this tour off with a tasty sampling of dim sum at a cozy restaurant. “Dim sum”, literally meaning “touch your heart”, are mostly snack-sized portions served in a small bamboo containers and typically paired with Chinese tea. After filling your stomachs with the lovely dim sum, you will head out on a fragrant journey through the Flower Market, a jungle of colorful flowers, fregrant scents and luck-bringing houseplants spread out over 50 shops. This is the perfect introduction to the markets in Kowloon. Next to the fragrant Flower Market is the sonorous Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, a charming Chinese-style garden where you will hear melodious chirping from the hundreds of birds in more than 70 songbird stalls. You will see the elderly as they carry their beloved birdies in intricate cages. You will then head over to Fa Yuen Street, a popular local street market where vendors sell bargain priced clothing, bags, accessories and other household items. Even if you’re not up for bargaining, it is fun to experience the atmosphere of the market. Near the Fa Yuen Street market is the “Gold Fish market”, with shops devoted to the raising of various kinds of fish from the weird looking goldfish to the colorful tropical species. You will also see some saltwater aquarium setups complete with coral. While you are passing through the gold fish market, you’ll have a chance to stop at two family-run food tasting stalls featuring Hong Kong’s classic food. This may include samples of a Sweet Tofu dessert (very silky smooth tofu with sweet syrup) and the marvelous fresh baked egg tarts or pineapple buns from the local bakery. While you are in this bustling corner, your local guide will let you have a sample tastings of various sorts of skewers and mini egg puffs or some local street snacks. In between your tastings, you will stop by an iconic wet market that offer a blast to the past. Your last stop will be the most popular open air market, the Ladies Market. It offers products and souvenirs for everybody from clothing, clocks, DVDs, electronics accessories, and much more. Some stalls carry a catalog of luxury brand handbags or watches but please be aware that these are knock-off products, and because it is illegal to sell these fake items, they cannot put them on display. The stalls will appear empty. The tour will end at Mongkok, where your tour guide will see you off at the Mongkok MTR station.