Half Day Afternoon Catacombs & Crypts Tour – Rome, Italy *

  • USD$ 95.00 / Per Person; Adult / Child
  • Half Day

This afternoon, make your own way to the Piazza Barberini to meet the group. Descent deep underground and delve into Rome’s hidden burial chambers and below-the-surface secrets. Begin your underground exploration at the Roman Catacombs, the city’s burial chamber for almost 2,000 years. Deep in the belly of the city, long, winding passages reveal millennia of history in the form of shadowy tombs and memorials, recalling a time where Christianity was considered a cult whose members were executed as pagans and buried as martyrs. Next, make your way to the Basilica San Clemente, where today’s church sits on foundations that date back to the first century. Walk among incredibly preserved architectural ruins as far as 57 feet (15 m) underground as you seek out traces of long-crumbled basilicas and even Nero’s Great Fire, back in 64 AD. Finally, visit one of Rome’s most intriguing sites—the Capuchin Crypt and Memorial. The remains of 4,000 monks were used to decorate this underground “bone chapel.” See vertebrae used as chandeliers, a real skull and cross-bones, and robe-clad skeletons hanging from the walls. Macabre but captivating, this excursion is sure to turn your notions about Rome inside out and upside down. Tour will disband at the conclusion of the tour. Make your own way back to the hotel or continue to explore the city on your own.