Full Day Highlights of Suzhou – Shanghai, China

• USD $ 140 / per adult / child
• Full day excursions

Today, take a day trip to Suzhou, the back garden of Shanghai. For hundreds of years, Suzhou is well-known for preserving many charming and typical classical gardens, almost all of which are the local wealthy families’ residences. Take a Boat Cruise along an old canal to see the old buildings and get a feel for the life of the locals. Tranquil, peaceful and historical, just like a time machine to take you back to the old era when ancient people communicated mainly by shipping on the waterway. Visit the Couple’s Retreat Garden, one of Suzhou classic gardens, featuring a series of pavilions, halls, towers, hills, and water scenery. At present, Suzhou has put much importance on it and it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.