Full Day Delphi Tour with Lunch – Athens, Greece *

  • USD$ 115.00 / Per Person; Adult / Child
  • Full Day

As you ride away from Athens, gaze out at the colorful landscapes of Beotia and Theva—birthplace of King Oedipus. According to Greek mythology, Delphi is the place where Zeus’ eagles clashed after flying from the end of the universe in search of the “navel of the world.” Arrive at the site and set off to explore its ruins, temples, and museums. Your guide shares myths and legends of the Greek gods, helping to immerse you in the history and atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the Castalian Spring, see the fountains where pilgrims coming to see the oracle once stopped to wash and drink, and then stand before the columns of the Temple of Apollo, where the Pythia (high priestess) delivered her prophecies. Stop into the museum for a closer look at the archaeological treasures discovered throughout the ruined town, and pull out your camera at the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, a unique circular temple perched on a hill. On your way back to Athens, stop in the lively resort town of Arahova to browse shops peddling traditional wool rugs and gourmet foods.