Chinese Acrobatic Show with Beijing Noodle Dinner – Beijing, China

• USD $ 29 / per adult / child
(*** Tour Operates only with a Minimum of 2 People Joining)

When we consider Beijing style dishes, most people will think of Beijing Duck. But there is another delicious traditional Beijing style dish – Noodles with Soy Bean Paste. Tonight, enjoy an authentic Beijing Noodle with Soy Bean Paste. Zha Jiang Mian, or “Fried Sauce Noodles”. So famous in China that the mere mention of it immediately makes people think of Beijing. It’s sold everywhere—from street vendors to restaurants in five star hotels. After dinner, watch an acrobatic show that is being performed by highly-trained circus performers. It is action packed with outstanding feats, beautiful choreography, color, and excitement. Chinese acrobatics is a pearl in the treasure house and ranks among the best arts in the world, The history of acrobatic show has been existent for more than two thousand years. Since the middle of this century, great efforts to foster and develop national arts and acrobatics have gained a new life.