Chichen Itzá Deluxe – Mexico

• USD $ 129 / per adult / child
(*** Tour Operates only with a minimum of 8 People Joining)

Deluxe includes extra: Light breakfast, bottle of water, umbrellas

This tour takes you to visit the most important archaeological zone of the Mayan World, the ancient capital of the Mayan Empire, Chichen Itzá. Admire the majestic Observatory, The Sacred Cenote where sacrifices took place, The Ball Court, the Castle, the Pyramid of Kukulkan and all the remains that this culture left us. Chichen Itzá has been declared a Heritage of Mankind by the UNESCO. This tour includes a visit to the following places: Cenote Ikkil, Valladolid town, Chichen Itza archeological site and a Handcraft workshop.