1 Hour Eiffel Tower Tour- Paris, France *

Today, make your own way to the Eiffel Tower  to meet the group. Today, join an guided tour of the Eiffel Tower and get acquainted with Paris’ most famous lady. The Eiffel Tower was born a rebel. She’s the most photographed woman in the world but if the critics had their way she would never have made her debut. Big, brash, and strong, she was like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Artists around the country worked tirelessly to stop her construction and then to bring her down but she would defy them all. On this tour of the Eiffel Tower your expert, English-speaking, guide will reveal the stories behind her creation, near demise, and glorious rise to the top. You’ll have a chance to enjoy her every curve from every angle and to understand the beautiful science that keeps her standing.

  • USD$ 55.00 / Per Person; Adult / Child
  • Half Day