Why You Need to Go on a Bike Cycling Tour

Vietnam Bike ToursThere is no doubt that traveling has become more than just sightseeing, travelers want new and different experiences as well. With this rising trend, many active travelers seek out bike tours for interesting ways to travel. Combining immersive traveling with active cycling, there are many reasons why these tours are so popular.

Unique Experience

Bike tours will definitely add new elements to the travel experience. These tours are more than just sightseeing and visiting famous landmarks, it is also about creating an intimate experience with the destination. As travelers bike, walk and roam the streets, they will be able to witness the locals and their culture up-close and in-depth.

As this is also a very active experience, bike travel groups tend to build stronger bonds and relationships than regular tour groups through support and teamwork.

Challenging Yourself

Bike tours are definitely no joke and it is not a casual stroll down the park. Some of the days include 50 km (approximately 31 miles) of biking. This will push both your physical and mental limits.

One of the biggest benefits of traveling is self-discovery. With the bike tours, bicyclists can not only push their limits but learn about their own character and capabilities.

Health Benefits

CyclingThere is no doubt that cycling has huge health benefits.

Cycling is a huge aerobic exercise that improves cardiovascular function, respiratory system and weight loss. It also works out almost every muscle in your body, from arms to legs. Cyclists feel the most improvement in their leg and gluteal muscles. By working out the body and pushing limits, cycling also increases stamina and endurance.

Cycling not only improves your physical health but also your mental health as well. According to research, outdoor physical activity showed relations to stress-relief, increased self-esteem and positivity.

Different Perspective

Seeing the world from your coach bus or screen is different from a bike. These bike tours are not a race, cyclists can go on a leisurely pace. The pace gives tourists plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and culture.

Rather than going on a long drive, tourists can pass local villages, streets and fields. Going on a bike tour, travelers can see things from a whole different perspective they would have anywhere else.

Reward YourselfVietnam Food

Eating delicious food is a huge part of traveling. When you are traveling to a destination that is filled with delicious food like Vietnam, you need to eat.

Going on a physically active tour, you will need to eat a lot. The level of activity will definitely allow people to eat guilt-free and disregard calories. You’ve earned your meal.

Niche tours such as bike tours are the news ways of traveling. They combine travelers’ desire to travel with their passion. To go on a bike tour, check out our Vietnam Bike Tour.