Autumn is Coming: Travel to Japan for its Fall Foliage



Japan is a country with sharp contrasting seasons. From spring to winter, every season is filled with its own colors, festivals and beauty. Japan’s fall foliage will soon take place with the coming of autumn. Japan fall foliage is mesmerizing with the scent of falling leaves and the charming visuals of orange and red that cover the lands. Next to the beloved spring cherry blossoms, viewing the fall foliage is another enjoyable part of being in Japan.

The fall starts around mid-September and ends around early December. The peak of the fall foliage is generally in middle of November. The foliage starts north of Japan in Hokkaido, and makes its way south. Because the peak times vary by region, there is always a good place to witness the picturesque autumn of Japan.

The best thing about witnessing the fall foliage is not just appreciating nature but witnessing the harmonious blend of Japan’s culture and its nature. In places like Kyoto or Tokyo, you can witness beautiful temples and palaces surrounded and covered in orange and red. Japan’s appreciation and connection to nature and aesthetics become undoubtable during this season.

One of the best places to immerse yourself in the beauty of orange and red is Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a Buddhist temple surrounded by countless trees that attract locals and travelers. Whether its spring or fall, the temple is naturally decorated in colors.

Hokkaido’s parks are another great place to experience the fall foliage. Hokkaido is not only where the fall starts but also not as crowded as Kyoto or Tokyo. Even though it is not as popular as Tokyo, the island is filled with nature including forests, mountains, lakes and natural hot springs. When you visit Hokkaido, you can not only discover its autumn and fields of flowers but also relax in their hot springs.

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