Alexa’s Trip to South Korea – Part 2: Jeju Wellness

Jeju Wellness
Jeju Wellness

Recently, Alexa traveled to Korea on a wellness tour where she experienced the best programs in Korea to improve physical and mental well-being. As South Korea is well-known for their superfoods, skin treatments and beauty products, Alexa was able find healing, relaxation and rejuvenation in her tour.


As part of her tour, Alexa visited Jeju Island, or Jejudo. Jeju Island is an incredible destination for wellness, providing beautiful nature, fresh air and a vast array of delicious cuisine. Hotels like the WE Hotel run programs where travelers can receive hydrotherapy and forest therapy ran by professional personnel.

The forest therapy includes walking into a lush beautiful forest and meditating. Surrendering all five of your senses to the surroundings, the therapy allows you to find peace of mind through fresh air, sound of the birds and meditation. Hydrotherapy consists of using water as a healing property to relax your body.

Alexa really recommends hydrotherapy as it was one of her most relaxing experiences. As she was floating on water, professionals would stretch her muscles to rejuvenate the body and relieve tension.

The relaxation did not stop there, as Alexa visited Jeju Herb Dongsan, a garden full of sights and refreshments to provide rest for your body and mind. In an interesting turn of events, Alexa was also able to get a nice foot massage in one of the houses there.

Innisfree House Soap Making

Alexa also got to visit the Jeju Innisfree House where she learned more about Korea’s renowned skin and body care. In addition, she was able to make her own soap as part of the program

Jejudo does not only offer wellness programs but some of the best wellness foods in South Korea. The dishes in Jejudo are very unique because, as an island, its geography is different from most cities. The island provides some of the healthiest and freshest ingredients ranging from juicy fruits to seafood.

As a huge part of health, Koreans love tea just as much as any other Asian country. From ginger citrus to green tea, the variety of teas in Korea are endless. In Jeju, Alexa visited the Osulloc Tea Plantation. In the plantation, she was able to learn about tea etiquette, participate in a tea ceremony and drink some their delightful organic tea.

Galchi Dinner

The tasting and eating continued as Alexa was able to try multiple delicious dishes in Jeju. Alexa was able to try both the black pork and galchi, hairtail fish. Filled with essential nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, fish like the large-head hairtail is one of Korea’s most beloved dishes. She enjoyed eating both but definitely pointed out grilled galchi as her favorite dish in Jeju.

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