Alexa’s Trip to South Korea – Part 1: Impressions of Korea

Recently, Alexa Lin, our Marketing Coordinator, traveled to South Korea for the first time on a Korea Wellness Tour sponsored by KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). The past few years, she has been to Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other Asian countries, and found different impressions of each destination. This time, Alexa has again found unique experiences on her trip to Korea.

South Korea is known for their delicious food, K-pop, diverse cultures, historic architectures and modern sky towers. However, due to Korea’s very recent yet rapid economic growth, most people still do not know a lot about the nation.

One of the best things Alexa found in Korea was their food delivery services. Many restaurants’ food delivery systems are incredibly well-developed, and food can be delivered to most houses, hotels and dorms. From chicken to Chinese-Korean cuisine, Korea’s food delivery is a luxury you can’t find anywhere else. Alexa reviews her experiences with food delivery.

“I ordered chicken to my hotel room, and it was fast. The speed probably comes from the fact that there are many restaurants in every block that cover a certain mile radius. Most likely, you will have your food in less than 30 minutes. You can find almost any type of food at any given time and have it delivered to your place,” says Alexa.

Koreans definitely love food, and this passion is clearly shown throughout the streets. Cafes, restaurants and bars are prevalent in almost every block of the city. Not only that, there are street food vendors serving dishes from traditional Korean street food like Dduk bokki (spicy rice cakes) to unique fusion foods. 

When it came to the food, Alexa became speechless as she explained that words could not describe her gastronomic experiences. When asked about her favorite food, Alexa was unable to pick because every dish was so unique and delicious. Alexa’s food experience was so long that it deserves its own blog article. 

In her travels, Alexa has also noticed the difference in Korea’s gender norms from other countries. Despite their conservative gender roles, it is more socially acceptable for men to care about their cosmetics and appearance in Korea than other parts of the world.  In 2013, research states that South Korean men spent almost $635 million on skin care. Korea’s unique gender norms can be seen in the streets, campuses, public areas and the media. 

From Korea’s wide variety of food to its distinct social norms, South Korea truly brings one of kind experiences to its visitors.

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Traditional Korean Street Food