International Airline Luggage Policies

We get clienairplane-1ts everyday asking us about international airlines luggage policies and how much they are allowed.  We always mail this information out about 1 month prior to departure, but many times we have clients asking months ahead of time.  For this reason wredLuggage-2e compiled a List of Airlines that we mostly use and their luggage policies.  Many airlines have decreased the weight and size of luggage they’ll carry for free.  This makes travelers fix their baggage tighter or  just take less belongings with them.  I’ve had clients tell me they’ve opted to take a couple t-shirts only and purchase a shirt a day in their travels and at the end they just leave them in the hotel room.  Don’t think this will work for most, but it’s one option.   For the average airlines, a maximum size carry on is 9x14x22 inches and checked luggage on international flights is 1 piece= 44lbs.  Once again this is just an average of what most airlines do. It’s best you check directly with the airline or you can click here for a List of Airlines that we mostly use and their luggage policies.