Travel Agents-Group Travel Policy

Charming Travel Destinations believes strongly in the promotion of Group Travel, therefore we are ready to assist you, the Travel Agent, as much as possible.

  1. Charming Travel Destinations Group Department will assist you in planning a group from the first moment. You will have the experience of our many years of operating groups, with ideas about itineraries and times of the year best for groups. We will help you avoid pitfalls which can cause groups to do poorly or fail altogether.
  2. Once an itinerary has been agreed upon, Charming Travel Destinations will provide you, AT NO COST, with a competitive quote.
  3. Group tours can be organized with as few as 10 participants, although a minimum of 16 is more cost-effective.
  4. We can arrange the quote at Agent Net or provide Commission, you let us know what you want.
  5. The general rule is that for every 20 participants one participant’s land arrangements are completely free.
  6. We can be your best kept secret and your clients won’t even need to know that we exist as all the travel documents can have your logo printed instead of ours.
  7. Finally, Charming Travel Destinations will give you marketing and promotional suggestions. Our marketing department will even provide you, AGAIN AT NO COST, with one copy of an original flyer, which you may reproduce and use to promote your group.  In addition, we will mail you (within US only) 100 printed flyers.

Group promotion translates into $$$$. Give Charming Travel Destinations Group Department a call at 1.888.607.8555 or email us at [email protected] today! 
One of our group specialists will contact you promptly and guide you every step of the way.