Charming Travel Destinations Launches its 2017 Tour Package Brochure

Charming Travel Destinations Launches its 2017 Tour Package Brochure


The Company’s Exciting Tour Packages Help Travelers Explore the Rich Cultures of Asia, Latin America and USA


Charming Travel Destinations, a company that specializes in organizing tours of countries around the world, recently unveiled its colorful 2017 tour package brochure to the public. The new brochure will be especially useful to travelers planning vacations to Asia, Latin America and USA and is available upon request in digital and hard copies.


According to the 52-page booklet, the tours will include countries such as Japan, Brazil, Thailand, USA and many more. While many of the company’s offerings include tours of one single nation, Charming Travel Destinations also offers packages that combine countries. For example, its Best of South America Tour include visits to Brazil, Argentina and Peru, while its Thailand tours stop in Singapore and Malaysia, too. In addition to providing a breakdown of the tours’ rates, the brochure outlines the itinerary of each tour, including the major cities, landmarks, activities, and meals that travelers will experience on a particular day.


For more than two decades, Charming Travel Destinations has provided its clients with unforgettable memories of Asia, Latin America and USA. The company’s staff is located all around the world—from Los Angeles and Miami to Vancouver and Hong Kong—and are always excited to help travelers plan their next vacation. Charming Travel Destinations offers group tours, customized tours, and extended tours upon request.


“We are travelers at heart, and share that passion with those we meet,” noted an article on Charming Travel Destinations’ website. “We have been arranging trips and tours to Asia and the world for over 25 years.  Our vast and unparalleled network enables us to arrange the best possible trips for traveling groups of any size.”


Individuals interested in learning more about Charming Travel Destinations and its charming tours can visit the company’s website for more information. Customers can also subscribe to Charming Travel Destinations’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for frequent updates from the company.


About Charming Travel Destinations:


For more than 25 years, Charming Travel Destinations has been providing their customers with excellent travel experiences. From private tours to large groups, the company has tour packages that can not only accommodate their clients’ needs, but also excite their senses one moment and relax their spirit the next. Whether clients are looking for relaxation, entertainment or inspiration, Charming Travel Destinations believes that their tours, service, and overall value will provide them with a wonderful travel experience. For more information, please visit